LS Framework is a custom-built WordPress Plugin. The LS Framework Suite is a collection of Plugin Extensions and Themes with LS Framework at the heart of it all.
LS Framework offers out-of-the-box features that optimise for performance, scalability, security, caching, automation, accessibility, and plenty of other little gems.

Additionally, the feature-rich LS Framework makes light work of third-party API integration, reporting, search engine optimisation, analytics & tracking, advertising & marketing, as well as content management.

With an LS Framework Theme users enjoy Full Site Editing, including a host of Custom Gutenberg Blocks for creating and styling post lists and components with the greatest of ease.

LS Framework Suite’s Plugin Extensions instantly provide custom post types, Gutenberg Blocks, and a variety of views with which to render posts and post lists.
Custom LS Framework Plugin Extensions can be created with minimal effort and allow developers to effortlessly build their own custom tailor-made post types, views, and much more.


We are in the process of building our shiny new website. This is so exciting, we can barely contain ourselves.

There is also going to be a big surprise reveal. So don’t stay away for too long now, you hear?

We can’t say too much, but what we can say is ‘Performance Matters’. See you soon!

  • Our site is set to discourage search engines from indexing our content. This will result in a lower SEO score for Web Vitals tests performed whilst under construction.
  • Our content is currently lacking, to say the least, but our content team is hard at work busy remedying the situation.
  • We are being far more nonchalant with ad hoc deployments than we would ever be with our clients, so please be patient if you encounter any instability, and rest assured we would never be so reckless with your software applications.