Release Notes – LSF Version 3.0

This release focuses primarily on performance and Web Vitals.

Image Optimisation

  • Functionality to auto-generate lossless compression versions of media images for all image sizes.
  • Functionality to auto-generate next generation formats of media images for all image sizes. JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, WEBP.
  • Functionality to override WP Core default image sizes, and remove cropping of images.
  • WP Admin UI to manage image optimisation.
  • Functionality to initiate Image Optimisation process for all existing previously un-optimised images.

Image Rendering Optimisation

  • Functionality to convert all image tags to picture tags, as well as source tags for all available image sizes.
  • Functionality to modify image tag srcset for all available image sizes.
  • Functionality to automatically create optimised image tag sizes attribute’s value.
    This allows devices to better determine the best suited image size to be used based on the device’s resolution.

Video Rendering Optimisation

  • Functionality to convert all video tags to ‘video tags with source tags’ for all available video formats.

Minified CSS & JS and RTL CSS Refactoring

  • Functionality to store minified resource files in cache folders, instead of theme or plugin folders. This is for security with regard to write permissions on these folders.

SEO Optimisation

  • Functionality to auto-generate hreflang and canonical tags.
  • Convert all WP Core menu items without links from anchors to spans.
  • Add rel “noopener” or “noopener nofollow” to all outbound anchors.

Theme CSS & JS Optimisation

  • Create re-usable CSS framework focusing on reducing repetitive CSS.
  • Functionality to dynamically build inline Critical CSS and JS.
  • Removal of all third party CSS and JS libraries from LS Framework themes, this reduces the code bloat and improves performance.
  • Functionality to defer, preload and asynchronously load all non-critical resources.
  • Replace jQuery Slider with custom vanilla JS slider.

Core Web Vitals Real Time Monitoring

  • Integration into the Google Page Speed API.
  • UI to execute and display results for page speed tests on front end for WP Admin authenticated users.

Post Importing Enhancements

  • Functionality to consume image urls in post import.
  • Create media posts from image urls, including the actual image file.
  • Functionality to initiate image optimisation process for imported images.
  • Functionality to set media post relationship to imported post.

Post List UI/UX/Features

  • Functionality to allow WP Admin users to configure default/placeholder images for post types that support post list views.

Analytics & Tracking

  • Functionality to auto-generate ‘dns-prefetch’ link tags for configured analytics.
  • Functionality to dynamically build Google Analytics JS, including outbound link tracking, Google Analytics Optimise JS, Google AdWords JS.
  • Functionality to dynamically build Facebook Pixel JS.